Sunday, March 29, 2009

Timing Belts

Wow...timing belts are hard to get right. 10th time's the charm.
Without the help of my better half, and some coffee to calm my nerves it wouldn't have happened today.

So I get to ride 60K miles before those need to get changed again...I hope.

On top of the timing belts, I finished up the carburetors and got them back on.
Note to self, always check what you ordered to make sure you're actually using those parts and not the old ones.
Needless to say, I managed to get the carbs altogether, with the airbox assembled when I realized that I had ordered re-build kits for the carbs already.
So with that realization, I had to pull them back apart, and put the new gaskets, floats, and o-rings in.

So with the carbs together, they went back on the bike :)
Also, the shiny black intake manifolds on the engine I think look sweet.

Now here's the catch, I'm currently torn between keeping the rear fender or ditching it. I like the look without the rear fender, it makes the bike look shorter and more aggressive, IMO.
Although, without the fender it also means some more work before I get to ride. With the fender it doesn't look too bad either...

Well besides mounting the seat, and getting the exhaust made up there's not too much more.
There are a few things that I'll need to clean up, brake lines mainly because they are old, and the new handle bars made the first run down to the splitter have too much bend for my liking.

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