Monday, March 12, 2012

Making progress

Well while the 750 waits on a new wiring harness...I really didn't feel like debugging 40+ year old wires. Not to mention, no matter how much flux, cleaner, and heat, the solder wouldn't take on the old wires.

So 80 bucks later...a new harness is on the way. It's a small price for my sanity (whats left of it anyway).

I decided I'd work on another project that'd been sitting on the shop floor.
Really kinda getting on my partners' nerves. So with that motivation, I figured I'd get the '75 CB400F rolling.

This started as a bunch of tupperware containers, a frame, and a motor...all separate.
Got it off of one of my friends for a good price since he had too many toys and was looking to offload the ones he'd never get to. I lucked out. I really like the 400F.