Wednesday, April 21, 2010

After putting it all back together, things go wrong...

Well after putting the Goldwing back together, and getting to run around town.

It sounds awesome.

However, I noticed a slight rubbing / squeal at the front brakes.
Upon further inspection I realized that the rotors were rubbing the caliper mounts.
Good news is it wasn't enough to make any groves into the rotors.

However, that was the indication that something was going on....

Therefore, after attempting to adjust the dragging brakes from the clymer manual and not having enough success, I pulled the calipers.

Needless to say, they were kinda scuzzy.
Left side popped out withotu too much trouble, and the piston didn't look too bad.
Had a small spot of rust starting....

Now the right side was a pain.
Had to boil the whole thing, to attempt to loosen the piston.

What I saw once it came out was quite sad.
A nice rust ring all the way around the piston...which means it will bind.

Now it's on to searching for some replacements.