Sunday, April 12, 2009


Yay I finally mounted the seat completely. Three anchor points should be plenty.
Two mount points at the old bracket and then the other is at the back of the seat into the fender.

It seems sturdy enough and comfortable enough for me. I'm not sure about having another person on the rear seat ...the bolt that anchors the seat into the fender will probably dig into their ass.
That's ok, because I'm not going to let anyone ride with me :)
Not that I don't like having people to ride with, I just don't like having the added weight, or responsibility.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Rear Fender fun

Well I managed to shape the fender a bit more with some creative use of the rubber mallet, some cardboard and the picnic table...really high tech.

I also remembered to get some pictures of the bike in the sunlight so it actually looks nice.

So now I need to cut the fender down to size in the back so that it rounds out and mates to the frame nicely, then it'll be onto the seat.

Once that's done, brake and turn signals will get mounted and then it'll be off to the exhaust shop for some straight short pipes. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quick Rear Fender

Well I've decided that the old chromed out rear fender that weighs a ton is gone.
Therefore, I needed to make up a new fender or at least buy something and then make it fit.

I had an idea for a short fender that just came to the end of the frame and filled in the gap left by the seat..which I have yet to mount.
So a quick trip to lowes for a small piece of 22 guage steel plate 12"x24", a rubber mallet, and a vice to see what I could make.


Yeah it kinda looks like I took a pizza box and just stuck it in there but I did in fact shape it a little.

Anyway it's just the beginning since I'm going to round/cut the end a bit and then use the bolts to help hold it in place while I shape it a bit more. It is only 22 gauge, and not too hard to bend with my hands or shape with some wood and the mallet.

And here's a pic of the bike with the gauges, headlight, and most of everything put back on.