Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quick Rear Fender

Well I've decided that the old chromed out rear fender that weighs a ton is gone.
Therefore, I needed to make up a new fender or at least buy something and then make it fit.

I had an idea for a short fender that just came to the end of the frame and filled in the gap left by the seat..which I have yet to mount.
So a quick trip to lowes for a small piece of 22 guage steel plate 12"x24", a rubber mallet, and a vice to see what I could make.


Yeah it kinda looks like I took a pizza box and just stuck it in there but I did in fact shape it a little.

Anyway it's just the beginning since I'm going to round/cut the end a bit and then use the bolts to help hold it in place while I shape it a bit more. It is only 22 gauge, and not too hard to bend with my hands or shape with some wood and the mallet.

And here's a pic of the bike with the gauges, headlight, and most of everything put back on.

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