Monday, July 12, 2010

Electrolysis cleaning

Yup electrolysis cleaning.
Non-destructive...just kinda slow sometimes. For those curious for the details. Simply apply a low voltage ~ 12 - 24 V DC to the rebar in an ionic solution. There's a product called Arm and Hammer washing soda it works well and is biodegradable and not horribly caustic. The rebar is negatively charged. The engine block ( or metal you want cleaned ) is positively charged. Don't let the + / - touch. Then fill the tank up with water / washing soda and let the electricity do the work. You'll need something with a decently high amp rating ~ 2 to 10 Amps. A large battery charger works well for this.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Making progress I think

So I had my angle grinder with the cut off disc in hand and decided I'd get closer to getting the seat mounted.

Now you see it...Now you don't.

I'm hoping it doesn't come back to annoy me later on in the build. I've also marked off the end where I'll be chopping as well and then putting a brace at the back in the form of a hoop or a straight cross-piece.

And I was decently ambitious, I got the Gordon Frame kit mostly installed. Kinda sloppy on some of the cuts but it gets the job done and it should be pretty decent looking.

Friday, May 14, 2010

On Wheels

Finally got to put the frame on wheels and roll it around a little bit.

Makes for the first big step towards the end goal of a completed project.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Well shit....

Good news first.

New brake pistons from:

From germany to us, all 4 for a good bit less then oem. And on top of that it's stainless steel.
Which means these won't rust again.

I also picked up an handy motorcycle jack, currently holding up the 750 F project.

Bad news.

After bleeding the brakes on the goldwing, I jacked up the bike and spun the wheel and noticed that the rotors were warped.
So that's one part. The other part is the carbs need to be cleaned out again...
The idle is off and even on choke I can barely keep the bike running.
Just meaning that there's gunk in the idle circuit on the carbs...I'll try running it a bit more to see if it clears out, but I have my doubts.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

After putting it all back together, things go wrong...

Well after putting the Goldwing back together, and getting to run around town.

It sounds awesome.

However, I noticed a slight rubbing / squeal at the front brakes.
Upon further inspection I realized that the rotors were rubbing the caliper mounts.
Good news is it wasn't enough to make any groves into the rotors.

However, that was the indication that something was going on....

Therefore, after attempting to adjust the dragging brakes from the clymer manual and not having enough success, I pulled the calipers.

Needless to say, they were kinda scuzzy.
Left side popped out withotu too much trouble, and the piston didn't look too bad.
Had a small spot of rust starting....

Now the right side was a pain.
Had to boil the whole thing, to attempt to loosen the piston.

What I saw once it came out was quite sad.
A nice rust ring all the way around the piston...which means it will bind.

Now it's on to searching for some replacements.