Friday, December 23, 2011

Exhaust is on

Yay, a small step but it's the little things that eventually add up.
Got the exhaust on. It just took a little massaging the pipes into the exhaust ports.
Should seat nicely once its run in a bit.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Developments

So after a very long break, house things getting in the way.
(The house owns you, you never own the house)

The really cool 1978 Goldwing is now off to a better place, after making its way around craigslist.

I've finally gotten the engine for the 1976 CB750F into the frame.
This took a bit of doing, and some unfortunate events with broken engine studs. Which required me to pull the engine back out, tear it down again and then rebuild with new studs, cam chain ( cause I might as well) and some non-burnt out valves, and stronger springs.

So a lot of work has happened on the 750 since the last post, there's still a far amount left.
I just need to start working through the immediate list:

Rear Sets
- Fabricating the rear set brackets, I want to avoid having to weld a fixed bracket to the frame

- The rats nest that is old electrics, will be meeting a swift end with the addition of a solid sate rectifier / regulator instead of the mess that was the older semi-discrete electrics without the rectifier / regulator in one.

- Well it looks as if the 'Fits 1976 CB750 models' descriptor on the exhaust I want to use is slightly exaggerated. This will require some more looking into, possibly the exhaust studs can be taken out for the exhaust to fit.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011