Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sweet I got the new seat in and managed to have enough sun shine and non crappy weather to work on the bike.

I like the way the seat flows with the bike lines...although I'll probably get the seat recovered to make it more retro I think it's good for now.

I'm now in the process of finding or building a rear taillight/blinker and license plate holder. I want to do something like a 6" x 2" led brake light along with blinkers coming out of the old seat bolt mount points.

The rear fender will be just big enough to clear the seat in the back and flow with the frame I'm going to do that I have yet to figure out.

Anyway, once it gets a little nicer I'll be putting the carbs and radiator system back on and then taking if for a spin around the block to make sure everything is working at least enough to get it to a shop for some custom exhaust pipes :)

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