Monday, September 15, 2014

1976 CB750F is done and riding

Basically a picture dump of the bike. It's finally done and reliable (knock on wood). I had three issues this spring which took it out of commission for a good chunk of time. First issue: oil starvation at the top end on one side of the camshaft. I smoked camshaft and rockers on the left side. Luckily the camchain, and primary chains internally in the engine didn't snap. I 'simply' swapped in a new camshaft and rockers and camshaft holder and was back up and running. Charging issues: oh old bikes always have this don't they. Turns out the cheap Reg/Rectifier I got from ebay was exactly that, cheap. It blew out and I sourced a new one from a motorcycle shop in town. Luck held that I didn't have issues with the stator which is what I thought at first. A quick check on the winding resistance proved that they were still in good condition ~ 7 ohms without any of the windings shorted to the block or open circuit. Last issue...this is my fault for rushing the cleaning the tank process. Still got stuff gumming up the petcock every once in a while. I'll have to drain the tank this winter and really do a through clean to get the loose rust / grit out. Good thing I have an extra fuel filter in line to the carbs. Can't rely on the internal tank one. Eventually I'll get / fab up some side covers that match the bike. The driver side one I banged out of some sheet metal to cover the electronics and rattle canned it's not pretty.

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