Sunday, January 25, 2009

So I've had inspiration for the 1978 Goldwing GL1000.
Here is the current state...minus the exhaust system and the carb block. Had to fix a leaky coolant return system and some oil leaks.

Now I'm not a old guy who wants to lounge down the highway and therefore I require something a little more sportier and well hell, lighter.

To the lighter end I've decided to search for some straight pipes. This should save me I'm hoping 20 lbs total. I haven't decided if I'll go with Jardine straight slash down style. Or fab up some straight pipes and go with a non-chrome, flat black paint.

The next thing is that damn seat. It seriously weighs 30 lbs or so.
I guess that's what I get for having a two person seat with the comfort of a lazy boy. Well needless to say that's gone.

The end goal is a hopefully 100 lbs lighter goldwing...with that kinda power behind it, the stock shocks and forks should be able to provide a little sportier feel.

Oh and that huge chrome rear fender is probably going to go.
I'm thinking cafe racer with an emphasis on light + power.

Paint will happen eventually, but that'll be once I have a clearer picture of how everything is going to come together.

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